Pixie Hair Cuts


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Whether you’re the bride, the mother of the bide, or a bridesmaid, having a pixie haircut can have you feeling a little left out during the classic morning-of hair appointment block.

When it became a tradition for women to go to get their hair done together the morning of the ceremony, know one really knows.  Maybe it was something that developed out of practicality.  Maybe it was a fad that never died after the film Steel Magnolias. Whatever the reason, try and remember, not getting your hair done the morning of isn’t a bad thing!  In fact there are plenty of upsides to this, as well as solutions to making your hair feel extra fancy.

First the upsides:

Time and money.  Let’s face it, hair, especially updos, can be time consuming and costly.  You have better things to do on this big day than to waste such precious resources.

Low stress.  No hairspray, bobby pins, curls or braids to fall out of place before the all important photos. Also no photo re-shoots because, whoops, your hair is blowing in another’s face.

You can still join and now be the hero to save the day.  Yes, for some, that bonding at the hair salon is important, and they want the pictures to prove it! Having this time freed up means you can still go with to the appointment.  You can offer to be designated driver if the other gals would like a mimosa at the salon (yes that’s a thing in some areas,) and man that camera documenting it all.  How awesome are you!  Whether you are the bride and this is your way of repaying your lovely gals for everything they are about to do for you all day, or if you are a bridesmaid doing it to make the day extra awesome for the bride, you will be an absolute rock star for this gesture.

If you go with to the appointment anyway, you can see firsthand how the hairdressers are creating different effects. That way if something happens later in the day where an emergency fix is needed, you have a little know how in recreating that perfect do.

Onto Style:

There are a lot of ways to make a pixie cut extra fancy, for a wedding. One style you may want to consider (if you have an undercut) may be to find a local salon that has someone that specializes in undercuts. There are some amazing and beautiful patterns many are doing now.

However, the easiest suggestions we have to give is a perfectly selected barrettes, bobby pins, flower-crown wrap or headband. The top of the list being the headband for it’s easy, and low maintenance attributes. A note of caution, now; be care to not cross the line from decorative headband to tiara.  Only brides should wear something like that on this day.

While bridal boutiques will try to sell you on all of their ridiculously marked up hair accessories, try to remember that fashion doesn’t have to be costly.  We’ve put together a small collection of beautiful headbands and flower-crowns that are both affordable and well crafted, without stealing the bride’s thunder.

A few cautions with all of these:
1. Make sure the bride approves. She may wish to be the only one with flowers in her hair.
2. Make sure this doesn’t clash with any accessories the bride is choosing for you, such as earrings or necklace.

Hematite Mesh Flower Headband, also comes in a silver
Only 8.99






Gold and Glitter Daisy Headband
Only 3.99 at Claires

Also comes in Silver,
and Pastel.





Frosted and Iridescent Crystal Flowers Headband


Perfect for bride! Easily attach tulle for a simple veil.






White Flower and Gold Leaves Headband, also available Without Gold Accents.


Perfect for Renaissance and Fairy Tale Weddings!





Antique Gold Double Band Headband with Leaves


Elegant and simple. Perfect for the more modern wedding!






Silver Flower and Butterfly Flower Crown also comes in Rose Gold, and Gold and Mint, or Gold and White


What makes this piece so wonderful is its ability to adjust.
It sits like a simple crown. If you need it tighter you simply bend the wire frame creating a sharper angle between accents.
A bride can also easily attach a simple veil to the back if desired.


Silver Double Row Butterfly Headband, Also comes in Gold


Great for fairy tale, renaissance, or country themed weddings.






Crystal Flower Halo Headwrap 


This one is recommended for the bride only.  An accessory that could be perfect for any style wedding, it’s worth the little extra it costs.  Pay attention to bottom of linked page to see other accessories that compliment it as well.



Hematite Filigree Flower Headband
also comes in Gold, and Silver


Perfect for those swanky, Great Gatsby or ’20s Flapper themed weddings!






Gold Double Row with Pink Oval Stone Headband, also comes in Antique Silver tone.


Perfect for that antique or Victorian era feel, or even that 1920s flair.




Cream Flower and Gold Chain Crown Headwrap, also comes in blue.
Or without the chain.


Weather a country wedding or Renaissance theme, this floral crown is simple but elegant enough to unite the entire bridal party.






Pastel Flower Gold Headband


Simple, playful, and just enough to take that pixie cut up a notch. However it should be run past bride in case it clashes with any jewelry or other accessories planned.


Gold (pale) Floral Head Crown, also comes in “Mint.”


Here’s another great option for those Fairy Tale, Country, or Renaissance weddings.  It can be worn by just the bride, All of the bridesmaids, or all.


Rose Gold Leaf Headwrap with Tie Closure, Also comes in Yellow Gold


Incredibly versatile, here’s another great option for those Fairy Tale, Country, Flower Child, or Renaissance weddings.
LC Lauren Conrad Textured Leaf Headband





LC Lauren Conrad Textured Leaf Headband


Simple and elegant, suitable for anyone in any bridal party.




Mudd® Antiqued Flower Headband





Mudd, Antiqued Flower Headband


Beautiful and modest, sure to be subtle and timeless.


LC Lauren Conrad Flower 2-Row Headband



LC Lauren Conrad Flower 2-Row Headband


An understated elegance and innocence are at play in this piece.


Mudd® Star Double Row Headband



Mudd Star Double Row Headband


Super playful, this headband can be whatever you want it to be.

Mudd® Flower Double Row Headband





Mudd Flower Double Row Headband


Sweet and innocent, this headband adds the perfect amount of sparkle without being a distraction.




LC Lauren Conrad Simulated Crystal Headband




LC Lauren Conrad Simulated Crystal Headband


Just a hint of color and sparkle, this piece is as simple as it gets.

We can leave it at that, and this is just from TWO internet sites, but don’t forget to check Amazon, Ebay, and clearance sections as well. This collection will continue to expand to other retailers as we gain more personal experience with their products.  At the moment Claire’s and Kohl’s are the only two we can personally attest being of reliable quality as well as having the right balance of Price and Selection.


Bear the Bare Walls No More

Not everyone can afford the Ritz-Carlton, or Waldorf, for their big day.  Most of us can’t afford much more than a church basement, or local community center. And let’s face it, Stone block painted mint green doesn’t exactly scream “romance.”

So how do we cover up cinder block eyesores and the like? With great ease if you follow these simple steps.

First things first, you are going to want to get a rough measurement of the walls you wish to cover. Do the math and decide what type of fabric you can afford. Remember, if the walls are a bearable color but just need a more romantic touch you do not have to cover every inch. You can hang fabric around the room leaving gaps between panels wear the walls come through.  Or maybe you only want a backdrop for the head table.

Whatever your desire, you will find the occasional panel here and there can go a long way if you tie them off right. Consider cinching in the center if this is the case and decorating the ties with charms that fit with your theme. Cheap hardware store chain, rope, or twine, can go a long way for a more rustic or antique feel.  But don’t fail to consider something even as simple as curled gift wrapping ribbon, in your colors.

Image result for curtains tied in the middle

Your budget will determine what kind of fabric you will select.

Tulle is going to be the cheapest option where versatility is concerned for obvious reasons. It comes in every shade of just about every color imaginable. You can get it with rhinestones or glitter on it.  It comes in large bolts of yards upon yards and is easy to cut to length.  And because tulle is so versatile, there is an endless supply to be found on Ebay, (often unused excess from other happy couples celebrating their big day.)

The more sturdy option, though more expensive would be to use clearance or bulk curtains or flat sheets. These Twin Sheets, for example are, a steal through Amazon coming in at just under 4 dollars a sheet.  Don’t be afraid to shop around, and check the clearance aisle of your local craft shops.

Another great money saver is to sign up for the rewards programs at your local craft stores.  I get a 50% off coupon for Michael’s at least once a month. That could be a lot of tulle. ties, and charms by the wedding day.

The absolute best time to shop, however, is during holidays.  White is a popular color for things other than weddings. You will find an abundance of white tulle on constant clearance near Christmas, Valentines Day, and even the Fourth of July. Be mindful of your other color choices and take advantage of other holidays with similar schemes.

Black – Halloween
Blue – Easter, Fourth of July
Green – Christmas, Easter
Orange – Halloween
Pink – Easter, Valentines
Purple – Easter, Valentines
Red – Fourth of July, Valentines, Christmas
Yellow – Halloween, Easter

Next we must consider how to hang or attach the tulle to the walls or from the ceiling. This is the greatest struggle for most.

While tape seems like the most obvious solution, it simply doesn’t hold to fabric very well. And at the same time, it can hold to wall surfaces a little too well, risking damage to the venue and a loss of your security deposit.

The next solution many turn to is to sew a cord or thread through the fabric, or loops onto it, to hang it by.  This is time consuming and makes removal after the reception a hassle.

The best solution we’ve found is relying on these little miracles:

Image result for binder clips

Binder clips come in a wide variety of sizes as well as colors to keep discrete, quickly attach with little effort, and leave your fabric undamaged afterwards for resale or donation.  White or silver binder clips like these are obviously the least visible and cost less than $2 a pack.

The already present loops make your fabric easy to hang on temporary hooks or already present nails that you can adjust the clips to. If you need to install hooks there are 3 options.

1. Ask your venue if they have magnetic hooks that will stick to the edge of the drop down ceiling edging.  They will look something like this.  However, before you make any purchase of such hooks be sure that the surface you intend to attach it to is indeed magnetic, and will also support the weight of you choice of fabric.

2.  Temporary adhesive hooks are another simple and quick solution.  Again the pitfalls come into play with the possibility of damaging surfaces they are attached to, but the risk is minimal due to their very design.

3. The last option, if there is a drop ceiling to take advantage of, this is the quickest and easiest solution by far. Especially for the price. Simply squeeze the clip open and pop it onto the drop ceiling grid track.  The only drawback here is you will have to thread the binder clip onto each before attaching them to the fabric to get the best results.  But this is a minor setback, given how easy it is to connect the fabric to the binder clip, even while suspended.

Make these suggestions your own and in no time you will have turned a drab basement into an eye popping elegant hall, that not only is affordable, but easy to construct and quick to take down.

Fairy Tale Wedding Rings

We searched the internet to find some of the best Fairy Tale wedding rings on the internet. Check back regularly as these lists are always expanding.

Under $100

Fairy Tale (F set)
Fairy Tale Princess (F)

$100 to $250

Butterfly Heart cage (F) Price subject to options
Cinderella ring (F)
CInderella Carriage (F)
Celtic Claddagh Caged stones (F) Price subject to options
Forest Scene Engraved Band (Uni)
Snow White Huntsman (F)

$250 to $500

Fairy Tale Princess Tiara (F) Price subject to options (For a timeless look try opal stones)

$500 to $1,000
Snow White (F)
Diamond and Saphires Fit for a Princess (F)
Gothic Queen Tahitian Pearl (F)

$1,000 and up

Forrest Twig  (F set)
Twig and Leaf (F set)

Unique Wedding Rings

We searched the internet to find some of the most unique wedding rings on the internet. Check back regularly as these lists are always expanding.

Under $100

4 pc Black and Silver (M/F set)
Black and Silver (F set)
Koa Wood Ring (M)
Caged Pearls Modern (F)
Wood inlay Black Band (M)
Wood and Malachite (M)  Other colorful inlays are available through same site.

$100 to $250
Antler Ring (Uni)
Gothic Lolita (F)
Black Pearl ring, bonus necklace and earrings. (F)  A steal of an ideal; keep the necklace and earrings a hidden away secret, gift your bride the necklace on the wedding night and earrings on the 1 year anniversary.
Camouflage His and Her rings (M/F set) Perfect for those of military careers or avid hunting couples.
Jack Daniels Whiskey Barrel ring (M)

$250 to $500
Tahitian Pearl and Diamonds simple but elegant band. (F)
Soundwave Ring (Uni)  Make your rings unique by recording a personal message to be engraved in the form of a sound wave.
Titanium with Malachite and Wood inlay (M)

$500 to $1000
Diamond and Saphire (F) It’s the top down view of this ring that makes it so entrancing.
Tahitian Pearl Ornate Band (F)

$1000 to $2500
Rose Ring w Rough Polished Diamond (F)
Twig and Leaf w Rough Polished Diamond (F set)

Geeky Wedding Rings

We searched the internet to find some of the best geeky wedding rings out there. Check back regularly as these lists are always expanding.

$100 or less
Avengers (Uni/M/F set)
Avengers Black Widow (F set)
Harry Potter (M/F set)
Harry Potter (F)
Iron Man (F set)
Pirate Mother of Pearl ring (F)
Pirate Black Pearl and tentacle (F)
Pirate Skull and Cross Swords (M/F set)
Star Wars (M/F Set)
Zelda (F) Price subject to finish and set options

$100 to $250
Game of Thrones (M)
Pirate Black Pearl (F)
Star Wars Boba Fett (M)
Super Mario (M)
Zelda (M)
Zelda (Uni)

$250 to $500
Pirate Pearl (F)
Star Wars (M)
Star Wars (M)
Zelda (Uni)

$500 to $1,000

Batman (M)
Game of Thrones (F set)
Pirate (F)
Star Wars Boba Fett (M)
Star Wars Rebel (M/F set) Price subject to metal/finish
Zelda  (F) Engagement Ring
Zelda (F) Engagement Ring, Price subject to metal/finish
Zelda (F) Engagement Ring

$1,000 and up

Game of Thrones